Sándor Márai :
Four seasons

In the book of Sándor Márai I highlighted the text in italics written about the months and I made a picture for each month. Thus the book contains 12 texts and the 12 respective pictures. My main aim was to capture the time.. If one looks close to it he can see that is a watch. The pictures made for the book was done with a technique of such a high standard that they could be exhibited as individual pictures.

Ágnes Nemes Nagy:
Give me a silver poplar
Beautiful Hungarian Book 2004 competition prize.

A few years ago I came to learn more about the poetry of Agnes Nemes Nagy. I fell in love with her poems so much so that they inspired some of my paintings. As I was reading her poems over and over again, I envisioned a book with a tree as a central motive. The tree is a universal symbol with its roots running deep into the Earth, trunk symbolizing a road and branches reaching for the sky. The tree is a symbolic link between the Earth and the Sky. The tree means a whole world to me too. Foliage providing shadow, fine lines of the leaves, contours and branching venations are cropping up in my work all the time. When choosing poems I asked myself: What does a tree need for living? It needs air, snow, rain, ice, birds (these are all poem titles by Ágnes Nemes Nagy) and light furnished by both the moon and the sun. The Sun and the full Moon are symbols, while the sphere-shaped form stands for a metaphor of perfection. The symbols of the tree and the sphere run like a read thread throughout the whole collection of poems. The book rests on the harmony and complementing effects of three colors. The pictures are done in cold gray and blue color shades, while the overlaying tracing paper bears a silver imprint. The book was a challenge even in terms of bookbinding, because the pictures on the tracing paper had to precisely follow the underlying images. The book was published in a limited edition of one thousand numbered copies in 2004 and came in a decorated box set.

István Turczi:
Venus Vulivaga Play and passion

Illustrating the novel about the sexuality between men and women I used symbols and if phases were drawn between them it would create an abstract animation film.

Zsuzsanna Paál- Inspirations Details of book with same title by Sándor Márai