The photo was taken after the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The hands of the installations are moveable at its wrists, elbows and shoulders.

The plot of the film “Wigged Birds” takes place in the baroque era. The installation presents the stylized clothing of the 18th century.

In the exaggerated and “sky-scraping” wigs of the pieces, there are birds nestling. This is a symbol of a so-called soul-bird which flies away from a character’s wig at the end of my film “Wigged Birds”, and it will cause its death.

Pictures with Éva. In different moods.

Animated Movies Exhibition


Újlipótváros Gallery, Budapest

The main concept of this exhibition is based on my animated movie “Wigged birds”. The pictures were presented in original size on the walls and in multiple magnifications in the exhibition space. The exhibition was organized together with animated movie director Éva M. Tóth who presented visuals from the black and white graphic designs of her animation. The goal of this exhibition was to introduce animated film making, original pictures of characters and steps in the process of such creation.