About me


I remember the salty and fishy scent of the sea blowing to my hair while I was holding onto a stone not to get thrown into the waves. My father comes to my mind who got the family to show us the world. I could visit Paris, Rome and Florence at a very young age… and I could see renaissance, gothic, baroque art and Europe’s modern architecture.

He was talking about works of art, buildings to us with lots of passion fulfilling his greatest desire to give away all the knowledge he had. At that time my destiny could turn to either way, although it was obvious: due to my sensitivity, art is the only field that is appealing to me. My plan was simple: I wanted to bring something beautiful to life that would have a deeper meaning that I had ever imagined.

These photos were taken at university. Two fellow students asked me to act in an imaginary story depicted by a photo series.

I was really fond of these adventures as I got torn off the present moment both in time and space.

At the moment, however, I regard the complete awareness of the present moment as the greatest value of life.

As Elizabeth M. Gilbert formulates: “I think about the woman I have become lately, about the life that I am now living, and about how much I always wanted to be this person and live this life, liberated from the farce of pretending to be anyone other than myself. I think of everything I endured before getting here and wonder if it was me […] The younger me was the acorn full of potential, but it was the older me, the already-existent oak, who was saying the whole time: “Yes – grow!  Change! Evolve! Come and meet me here, where I already exist in wholeness and maturity! I need you to grow into me!”






Mates on the road…



I have learnt tolerance, acceptance and empathy from Him…

(Pic taken in my twenties.)





…and also the solemnity and authenticity of being an artistic

(Pic taken in my thirties.)

.My partner 🙂 

My works of art diminish to a faded smurf next to my major “creature”: my son.

Raising up kids with the help of art is a task demanding creativity, awareness, concentration, foresight, trust and lots of love.

In this picture, my son is 2 months old. I grounded my educational philosophy knowing that with consistency, positive feedback and lots of play, he would grow to be a Man with a healthy soul and spirit. 
We are standing in front of the University College of London where my son is studying at the moment. It is another destination of his life.

The time for the fruit to get ripe. And from some perspective this is the time to finish my tasks as a mother. Fixing the moment when he entered the realm of independent and conscious men.

One of my favourite photos of my parents.

I am immensely grateful for them: they provided us a stable and benevolent family background full of love.

My dad set an example of willpower, persistence and intellect. My mom of altruism, unselfishness and helpfulness.

…and at last… Mother, Partner, Woman, Artist…

A person who sees lots of things in this world,

Although a bit differently…

By Konstantinos P. KavafisWhen you leave for Ithaca,
may your journey be long
and full of adventures and knowledge.

Do not be afraid of Laestrigones, Cyclopes
or furious Poseidon;
you won’t come across them on your way
if you don’t carry them in your soul,
if your soul does not put them in front of your steps.

I hope your road is long.
May there be many a summer morning,
and may ports for the first time seen
bring you great joy.

May you stop at Phoenician marts,
to purchase there the best of wares,
mother-of-pearl and coral, amber, ebony,
hedonic perfumes of all sorts;
may you go to various Egyptian towns
and learn from a people with so much to teach.

Don’t lose sight of Ithaca,
for that’s your destination.
But take your time;
better that the journey lasts many a year
and that your boat only drops anchor on the island
when you have grown rich
with what you learned on the way.

Don’t expect Ithaca to give you many riches.
Ithaca has already given you a fine voyage;
without Ithaca you would never have parted.
Ithaca gave you everything and can give you no more.

If in the end you think that Ithaca is poor,
don’t think that she has cheated you.
Because you have grown wise and lived an intense life,
and that’s the meaning of Ithaca.