Pool of Wingbeats I.

Pool of Wingbeats II.

Pool of Wingbeats III.

Pool of Wingbeats IV.

Pool of Tears I.

Pool of Tears II.

Pool of Tears III.

Pool of Transformation I.

Pool of Transformation II.

Pool of Transformation III.

Three Pools


Klebelsberg Cultural Centre, Budapest

First wingbeats, tears and transformation.

There is some kind of owl-light around the arches of this exhibition space. The ancient cellar is exhaling the mist stuck in its pores. The rubbles that have not seen sunlight for ages are calling visitors to deep contemplation. The exhibition provides space for a journey around three pools filled with water. The three different compositions reflect three different emotional states: first wingbeats, tears, transformation. There are mobile statues standing around the first pool: they are moving their wings at an easy pace merging into the organic motions of the video projected to them. This is the pool of hopes, this is the community of the ones making the first wingbeats who stand around the water facing the sky. The second one is the pool of tears. Looking down and looking downhearted, these static statues in the ankle-deep water are crying over their pains in their own sad reflections. Above the third pool, there is a hanging installation with circles visible only in UV light. These circles are the symbols of the air evaporating and elevating, similarly to the water giving birth to a new material and heading off to the great sky.