The topic of this installation is a kind of remake of my animated movie.

The installation of the keel is completed by my paintings on wood.

The paintings represent four scenes from the story.

I did a performance at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. My tiara is a sailing boat.

A performance, a shadow-play and the imitation of a boat’s movement

Exhibition by Pavilion 2 Group


Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

The name “Pavilion 2” refers to the Nr. 2 cinematography studio of Pannónia film Studio where we created animation movies with György Varga animation cinematographer. Artworks by Géza M. Tóth, Éva M. Tóth and myself were presented in this exhibition. In the centre of my installation, there is a boat bogged down in sand. Only its keels stayed intact. Resisting time, its sail preserved the original destination of the ship’s journey.